Driven #9

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Driven #9

This is an alternative flavor with slight variation on Driven one of our best selling flavors including watermelon, apple, mango, and peach in a citrus blend.  Beyond a doubt, have to give this flavor a try!!

75VG / 25PG Blend. 

C*3 ELIQUID is our mainstream ELIQUID line by Johnny Copper. J.C. knows what it takes to make quality ELIQUIDS and C*3 is some of the most advanced flavors on the market available at great prices.

Each C*3 ELIQUID flavor is a highly complex blend, there are NO simple flavors here. We only use 100% U.S.A. made ingredients. We also contain ZERO dyes, U.S.P. Certified Kosher (V.G.) Vegetable Glycerin, (P.G.) Propylene Glycol, Natural, Organic and some Artificial Flavorings.